Holiday Care Services

The care of a horse is a very special and serious responsibility, and the worry of who is providing that care whilst absent can invariably hinder an owners’ ability to relax and enjoy their holiday. Our job is to make sure every horse gets the same high level of care as it would at home, and that every owner is assured of that. We believe everyone deserves peace of mind and a stress-free holiday (including horses!).

“Their well-being.” We recognise that every horse has individual needs, often specific only to them. It is important that the daily routines they are used to at home are kept whilst they are with us. We endeavour to ensure all cover/rug changing and feeding aspects of their day are carried out with their safety, well-being and routine in mind.

Covers: Covers are changed in accordance with owners’ instructions and as often as associated weather conditions/temperatures dictate. If the weather dictates 4 cover changes per day then so be it!

Feeding: Likewise we are happy to hard feed or hay as often as they are used to at home. If that’s 3 meals a day then so be it! Feeding is carried out as instructed and supplied by an owner. We are happy to supply additional feed (or replenish supplies) and hay if required (at additional cost).

Additionally each holiday ‘guest’ is checked over twice-daily (morning and evening) and hooves picked out on a regular basis. Paddocks and stables are mucked-out daily (more frequently for confined areas as required).

If there are any regular health routines that fall due whilst they are with us (eg, farrier visits, worming etc) we are also more than happy to facilitate these.

Trucked transportation is available to pick-up and/or drop-off horses as requested. We can also provide a travelling ‘buddy’ for horses who do not like to travel alone.

“Your peace of mind.” Equally as important as each guests’ happiness and well-being, is each owners’ peace of mind. It is in integral part of our service and as such we hold it in the same regard as any other aspect of our business. We will report regularly to each owner (as often as requested and by whichever preferred method ie, text, email, phone call, Facebook). Owners are also welcome to contact us at any time for an unscheduled report if they wish.

Rates: Calculated on a per horse basis, our daily (non-inside stabled) rates are as follows:

$25 +GST per day for the first 7 days;
$20 +GST per day for the subsequent 28 days;
$15 +GST per day for the remainder of the stay.

Should specialist health care, feed or hay supply, use of inside stabling or transport be required, this will be at additional cost. We are very happy to provide written quotes on request.