Every loving pet owner should love their four-legged family member enough to ensure their well-being while the two-legged members are away from home. The cat can go to the Cattery; the dog can go to the Boarding Kennels. But where can the horse go?

In my own experience of being a cat (Leesha), a dog (Jester) and a horse (Red) owner whilst living in the UK for many years, I had to utilise the services of some top class care facilities for my beloved animals whilst I travelled for work or was on holiday. The most “specialist” of these being a Livery Yard which ensured my cherished Red was as loved and cared for, and kept in the same routines as he was used to when I was home. The peace of mind I achieved in the knowledge that my ‘family’ were safe and sound in my absence was priceless.

Upon my return to New Zealand in 2007 (together with Leesha, Jester and Red!) I quickly realised that although there was plenty of feline and canine care facilities available in North Canterbury, there was no equine equivalent. Horse owners, like myself, often had to turn to friends, family and neighbours to take on the significant responsibility of caring for their precious horse(s). Although normally wonderfully willing, they were often inexperienced in the finer details of equine care. “Would they recognise if my horse is lame if there is no sign of obvious injury?” “Would they realise something is wrong if my horse isn’t interested in food or is stomping the ground consistently?” “Would they notice and think to call the vet if my horse is lying down and unwilling to get up, and/or rolling around for long periods of time?”

Worrying about things at home can be a real ‘cloud’ over an owner while they are supposed to be enjoying themselves on holiday. And so it was that Silver Linings was born!

Safety and professional service are instilled into everything Silver Linings offers. As an Air Traffic Controller by profession, and a competitive rider (show jumping and dressage) at heart, the facilities were built from ‘scratch’ with those two factors as the primary focus; safety and professionalism.