Purpose-built with equine health & safety as a priority, we are constantly told our facilities are of the finest in the region. Together with 24/7 on-site security and personnel, we are proud to offer:

Grazing/Turnout: Individual or joint (if requested) grazing/turnout in generously sized hot-wired post & rail fenced paddocks is available; all paddocks are sown with ‘horse-friendly’ grasses and have ample fresh water.

Diet Management: Smaller ‘diet management’ paddocks are available for horses who have specific weight issues or special dietary requirements.

Paddock ‘stables’ and yards: Protection from the weather in purpose-built shelters with enclosable yards provides each horse with effectively its’ own outdoor stable. Horses can wander in and out at will or be confined for periods of time as weather or dietary needs dictate.

Inside Stabling: Housed within the purpose-built American Barn-style complex, 4m x 4m rubber-matted stables are available if required. Ideal for horses on ‘box rest’ recovering from injury/illness or simply just to provide that extra level of comfort.

Riding Facilities: A 20m x 60m floodlit all-weather arena and grassed show-jumping area are both available for use should an owner wish to school or exercise their horse whilst it’s with us. They are also welcome to use the hot and cold horse wash-down facility following a work-out and/or leave tack on-site if they wish.